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One step into our store and you enter into a whimsical world of fun, creativity and imagination. We have one of the biggest and best fancy dress costume ranges for adults and children. 

We are inspired by new movie releases, costume trends and classic costume favourites! 

Our range consists of Victorian, Medieval, 1920’s Great Gatsby, 1930’s-1960’s, Grease, Hippy, 1970’s Disco fever, 1980’s Rock, Carnival, Moulin Rouge, Burlesque, Superheroes, Pirates, Cartoon Characters, Mascots, Animals, Halloween, Uniforms and Countries – there is sure to be an amazing costume to suit you! 

Choose from simple accessories or complete costume hire to make your party a night to remember!

We also stock a variety of fabulous wigs, hats, masks and so much more!! If we don’t have it, we’ll do our best to order it in just for you!

So go on! “raise the stakes” and choose one of our show stopping, contest winning, fabulous fancy dress costumes

Our Team

hiclipart.com (7) (1)
Head Mischief Maker

Vicky has this extraordinary talent for making the impossible, possible. She's not quite normal and that's why we love her! Often you will find Vicky with an odd hat on her head that she forgot to take off.

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Delegator in Chief

Adam does not do a hell of a lot, he just like hanging around and putting up lights and stuff. Occasionally he dresses funny. 

clipart3070618 (1)
Giggle Manager

Noms is a crazy chick with the patience of a saint.  She will surprise you with creating some wonderful outfits and putting a smile on everyone's face.

PngItem_764321 (1)
The Enforcer

Bongs is the glue that holds it all together. She makes sure that life remains sane, everything sparkles and the sun rises every morning!

What our logo represents

Our logo encapsulates a number of elements which find important to the brand, to our vision and to our personalities.  

* The Painter’s Palette.  A painter’s palette is filled with colour and endless possibilities.  A painter will begin with a blank canvas and ends with a masterpiece.

* The Mask represents the allure of dress-up, enticing people to be different and daring.

* The Peacock Feathers.  A peacock can look like a simple creature however when it flares its wings it looks majestic, full of colour and attracts interest immediately.

* The Butterfly.  A butterfly has gone through a transformation from worm to beautiful insect, vibrant colours make for an appealing visual.  They also embody fun with images of kids chasing after them with nets.